When using the u-bahn station to cross the road at Moritzplatz, Berlin, I encountered this cellist. More Photos

When visiting Berlin I met up with my friends of Mašta magazine on the exact day that Tau planned to interview Fuck For Forest.

About three years ago I had interviewed them aswel for the seventh issue. It’s  a radical hippie actiongroup that aims to make people more comfortable with their bodies and sex and stuff. Thru porn.
In the meanwhile supporting forrests and native tribes with the incomes they generate with that. More Photos

A long, long time ago in a little basementvenue called ‘de Onderbroek’ there was a tradition of monthly parting. These parties they called ‘StringSwing’ and each edition had it’s own theme.

It were parties with tacky catchy wild crazy and very dance-able music, none of that lame bleep-bleep crap they tend to play in popular clubs, and improvised though sexy mostly thrift store costume.

Beeing the last and final edition of this era, all past themes applied. Together with my friend Ruth I was there to capture the creatures that roamed the String Swings.

This guy understood, he kicked the essence of String Swing right in the nuts. His favorite theme was ‘animals’. More Photos

A bunch of friends got it into their heads to travel acros the USA. Always a good plan of course.

Anotherfriend got it into her head to give a dinner and a soirée to be able to say goodbye. An excellent plan aswel!

Two great plans executed on one evening, dresscode: fancy. More Photos

I’ve always wanted to be a journalist in conflict-area’s. The combination of reporting and dangerous excitement still has a certain attraction.

But I never ran into a conflict-area so I had to create one myself. In Thailand I provided all the village-kids with waterguns.

Approaching their base, my possition was already soon compromised.

16° 38′ 55.13″ N – 102° 23′ 02.00″ E More Photos

We had a houseparty and all my photo’s where under-exposed.

No worries, call it after a modern art-style and pretend I had ment it to turn out like that.
Say for yourself, pretty colors uh?

(PS: no coordinates today, I like keep my house private) More Photos

I gues we all missed our flights, in my case it was the begin of a three day overlay at New York JFK airport.

She probably looked the most charming in the room.

40º 38′ 40.11″ N – 73° 47′ 18.02″ W More Photos

Parties with themes are the best. This one was finding Wally.

51º 50′ 37.72″ N – 5º 51′ 57.30″ O

More Photos

Walking around London I found a hooded headed and bearded man with a French accent making huge paintings on a seemingly empty building.

Recognizing him from a documentary it was Mr. Brainwash, the one and only.

May I take your picture please?

51° 31′ 01.59″ N – 0° 07′ 27.51″ W More Photos

He seemed to feel at home a sidewalk in London. He seemed as comfortable of having his picture taken as well.

So I decided to post his picture and had to find back the coordinates. I found the place on Google Streetview at 47-48 Picadilly in London and to my surprise I recognised the same sleeping in front of the currency exchange.

Check it out yourself on Google Streetview

51° 30′ 31.13″ N – 0° 08′ 18.02″ W